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Student Grant Recipients for 2014

Congratulations to the following 2014 Evolving Earth Student Grant recipients:

Bailleul, Alida
Montana State University/Museum of the Rockies
"Osteo-histology of cranial sutural fusion in the Archosauri: implications for maturity assessment in non-avian dinosaurs"

Calede, Jonathan
University of Washington
"The role of environmental change in the emergence of modern mammalian communities across the northwestern United States 30 to 20 million years ago"

Contreras, Dori
University of California, Berkeley
"Investigating the evolution of conifers: Integrating fossil and extant Cupressaceae"

Donovan, Michael
Pennsylvania State University
"First comparison of latest Cretaceous and early Paleocene insect damage in the Southern Hemisphere: evidence for a Patagonian biodiversity refugium after mass extinction?"

Jijina, Anthony
Miami University
"The Early Paleogene Herren flora: An investigation into the early Cenozoic history of the hothouse Pacific Northwest"

Loughney, Katharine
University of Michigan
"Reconstructing paleoenvironments of the Miocene Barstow Formation using phytolith assemblages as indicators of floral composition, Mojave Desert, California"

Miller-Camp, Jessica
University of Iowa
"Patterns in alligatorine evolution"

Murphy, Bethany
Oregon State University
"Crystal mush longevity at Unzen Volcanic Complex, Nagasaki-ken, Japan"

Rasmussen, Cornelia
University of Utah/Natural History Museum of Utah
"Paleoenvironmental and paleobiotic effects of bolide impacts during the late Triassic"

Seligman, Angela
University of Oregon
"Investigation of newly identified calderas in central and eastern Oregon: Implications for the John Day Fossil Beds"

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