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Student Grant Recipients for 2015

Congratulations to the following 2015 Evolving Earth Student Grant recipients:

Eliel Anttila
University of California, Berkeley
"Constraining Neoproterozoic global changes preceding the Sturtian Glaciation"

Samantha Bova
Brown University
"Links between thermocline depth and sea surface temperature in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific: Does the ENSO model always apply?"

Benjamin Carlson
Western Washington University
"Late Quaternary to recent tectonic deformation along the Entiat fault, Washington"

Amanda Drewicz
Boise State University
"Paleoclimate and paleoecology of the Pacific Northwest across the mid-Miocene climatic optimum"

Scott Evans
University of California, Riverside
"A reopening of the Ediacaran preservational window? Investigating soft-bodied preservation in the Devonian of upstate New York"

Daniel Field
Yale University
"Geometric and functional evolution of the avian musculoskeletal system"

Galen Griggs
University of California, Davis
"Defining vegetation-climate feedbacks in a paleo-icehouse"

Joshua Lively
University of Texas at Austin
"Macroevolution in the greenhouse: morphological disparity of Mosasauridae and the evolution of the Late Cretaceous marine ecosystems"

Emily Orzechowski
University of California, Berkeley
"Ecological responses to environmental change during the last interglacial period (~120,000 years ago) in shallow marine communities of southern California"

Charles Trexler
University of California, Davis
"Investigating the structural architecture of the Greater Caucasus, Georgia and Azerbaijan: Implications for seismic hazard in a continental collision zone"

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