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Student Grant Recipients for 2016

Congratulations to the following 2016 Evolving Earth Student Grant recipients:

Aly Baumgartner
Baylor University
"Filling the gaps in the Africa floral record: developing new paleobotanical paleoclimate models for tropical Africa"

Joshua M. Blackstock
University of Arkansas
"Investigating the landscape evolution and coupled heat and mass transport fluxes at Yellowstone National Park, USA using low-cost soil-gas flux surveys"

Claire Cleveland
The Pennsylvania State University
"What are early signals of Patagonian paleofloral response to Eocene cooling and opening of the Drake Passage?"

Laurence Dumouchel
The George Washington University
"What the world looked like when we started walking upright: the environments of the earliest Australopithecus"

Kelly Hattori
University of Texas at Austin
"Photogrammetric modeling of ecological relationships between corals and rudist bivalves on an Aptian-Albian patch reef in southeastern Arizona"

Soo Hyun Kim
University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Paleoclimatic interpretations on temporal variations of Asian dust flux from Hawaiian peat deposits during the late Quaternary (~43,000 years ago)"

Joshua Mathews
Northern Illinois University
"Paleontology and paleoecology of the Hell Creek Formation and across the K/Pg boundary of Carter County, Montana, USA"

A. Drew Muscente
Virginia Tech
"Reconstructing phosphogenic paleoenvironments in the Ediacaran of South China for insights to the radiation of early animal life"

Amanda Kacy Patrick
University of Wyoming
"The early Eocene Huerfano Basin flora: An investigation into the early Cenozoic history of the Mountain West"

Gunnar Speth
Western Washington University
"Testing the time dependence of slip on the Western Klamath Lake fault zone, Oregon"

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